Yes Design Studio is the creative landscape of multidisciplinary artist and designer Levi Dugat.  

Yes Design Studio designs interiors and objects that go inside of them. 




Mindfully designed objects and spaces have medicinal potential, and we could all use some healing.

Space is sacred.  Our external environments are an expression of our internal environments, and vice versa.  To take care of one’s space, is to take care of one’s self.

The more time you spend on your body, the more time you spend in your body. The same can be said of putting energy into your space, and that doesn’t have to cost anything but time.

Nature is the most experienced teacher of design, and just about everything else. If you don’t know, ask nature.

Yes Design Studio Patterns

Levi Dugat was born and raised in East Texas by folks who worked with their hands and taught him to do the same.  He does a little bit of just about everything and whole lot of designing interiors, furniture and textiles.  Much of his artistic work, like his life, is focused around the pursuit of the present moment, personal activism, communal healing, and authenticity.  He lives and works in Austin, Texas with his five year old daughter, Xochi, and his partner Simone.