Hologramby Nicole Mlakar + Levi Dugat / yesdesignstudio.com
Hologramby Nicole Mlakar + Levi Dugat / yesdesignstudio.com


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Limited edition, professional grade luster finish print on Fuji archival paper, from the collaborative series Healing Stones

Unframed. Packed and shipped flat with certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artists. Lead time is 2 weeks.

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An aesthetically medicinal, collaborative series of work by photographer Nicole Mlakar and artist Levi Dugat.  Healing Stone is a collection of holistically-charged metaphysical landscapes intended to provoke deep internal howling and existential exhaling.  Geological glamour shots.  Flashcards for those who've lost their way, painstakingly lit with natural and incandescent light.  

Limited Edition Prints: 8" x 12" (100), 11" x 16" (75), 16" x 24" (50), 24" x 36" (25) 

Custom print sizing inquiries: info@yesdesignstudio.com